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Dear Obesity-Industrial Complex (the first in what will, no doubt, become a series)

25 August 2009

Dear Obesity-Industrial Complex:

It’s not that I don’t appreciate your efforts to save me from myself, but it occurs to me that all your proposed fat taxes might not be as wildly successful as you’d hoped.

I drink maybe two or three sodas a year — usually something exotic like the pink grapefruit-flavored Schweppe’s Agrume I can only get in Paris or the lurid, green tarragon soda they sell at the Armenian grocery stores in Watertown. So I can’t imagine that taxing soda will have that much of an impact on my lifestyle.

And, as for fast food, once you’ve counted the organic pork burritos at Chipotle or the whole-grain egg white flatbread sandwiches I buy at Dunkin’ Donuts or my yearly Lenten fish fillet sandwich at Wendy’s, it’s hard for me foresee fast food taxes causing more than a slight downward blip in my bottom line.

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Fusilli with Tuna and Herbed Bread Crumbs

2 December 2007

I slept most of the day away today (woke up at 8:00 a.m. and then went back to sleep until noon), and and the cold and sleet kept me from grocery shopping, so I had to fashion a dinner out of the contents of my fridge and pantry.

What I came up with wasn’t half bad. I did a variation on toasted, herbed bread crumbs that I often use as a topping for cauliflower — a sort of Italianized  (or is that Italicized) version of Chou-Fleur à la Polonaise.

This is one of those dishes that should be tinkered with depending on your likes and dislikes, not to mention what’s sitting on your shelves, so consider this recipe a template. Read more…

This May Be the Ultimate Food

28 November 2007

What could be better than chocolate or bacon? How about chocolate AND bacon?

Vosges Chocolate has introduced Mo’s Bacon Bar — deep milk chocolate with applewood-smoked bacon and alder-smoked salt. They’d already sold me on the glories of chocolate, salt and smoke with their Barcelona Bar (deep milk chocolate, sea salt, hickory-smoked almonds), so there’s no question that I’ll have to try the new addition to their line.

A local gourmet shop sells Vosges products, so guess where I’m going after work tomorrow.

Talking Turkey about Thanksgiving Rituals

22 November 2007

On yesterday, Adam Roberts interviewed chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill restaurant in New York City. I appreciated his more laid-back attitude to sustainability, but was a little more skeptical about some of his comments about Thanksgiving and tradition. Read more…

Reason #5834 Why Everything’s Better in Sweden

4 November 2007

The Tunbrödsrulle

Until I spent a summer in Sweden I was lukewarm about hot dogs. Then I discovered the tunnbrödsrulle (flatbread roll) and was forced to reconsider all my preconceptions of the most humble of the sausages.

Swedish hot dog stands wrap hot dogs and mashed potatoes in soft flatbread with various garnishes — lettuce, ketchup, mustard, relish*, and the indispensable crispy fried onion bits.

As anyone who’s ever swooned over green bean and onion casserole knows, it’s this last addition that lifts the tunnbrödsrulle out of the realm of the ordinary.

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This Says Something About Me (I'm Not Sure What)

1 October 2007

I arrived home from the bookstore tonight with two purchases crammed into my handbag: a copy of Roland Barthes’ Mythologies and the new issue of Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food.

A Fair d'État Encore

9 March 2007

Why oh why didn’t I get my act together to go to Paris for the Salon d’Agriculture?

As if I weren’t envious enough before, now Kelly Sans Culotte and her friend Harriet have posted a video chronicling their visit to this year’s Salon.

You can find more photos and video at Kelly’s Salon blog.