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There Oughta Be a Word…

13 December 2006

I came home from work (and class) tonight, and couldn’t think of a single thing appealing to eat, so I fell back on my favorite stand-by food: scrambled eggs. They’re quick. They’re easy. They’re not starchy. They’re great for using up leftovers: in tonight’s case, some pesto I had made, let’s just say a while ago, and some feta cheese that was trying to become Roquefort. (I know, I know. I don’t want to hear anything from those of you who know I’m a Cordon Bleu graduate.)

Anyhow, tonight’s culinary ennui seems to be part of a larger trend. I’m just not inspired by cooking these days. I only seem to enjoy meals I eat out—like last Saturday’s dinner at the Medford Szechuan joint that’s renewed my faith in Chinese food.

As I sat down to right tonight’s post, I finally figured out that there’s a name for my problem: mealaise.

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